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Introducing PScoat: A Revolutionary Building Protection System

PScoat represents a meticulously engineered solution designed to provide comprehensive building protection throughout the year. Its innovative design serves a dual purpose, effectively preventing heat loss during winter and mitigating overheating in the summer, ensuring a consistently comfortable interior climate.

What sets PScoat apart is its ability to deliver these exceptional benefits without the need for traditional insulation systems. This groundbreaking technology not only optimizes thermal efficiency but also reduces the insulation layer thickness to a mere 0.5 cm compared to the conventional 12 cm. This not only saves space but also allows for a more efficient utilization of available space.

Experience a paradigm shift in building protection with PScoat—where advanced engineering meets unparalleled performance, redefining the standards of energy efficiency and climate control.

How does it work?

PScoat harnesses the power of vacuum-based quartz micro-spheres with unique light-reflecting properties, emulating the behavior of a mirror when interacting with sunbeams.

At the heart of PScoat lies a sophisticated combination of these quartz micro-spheres, meticulously curated to form a thermal reflective layer. This innovative layer not only prevents the dissipation of heat during winter but also serves as a highly effective shield against the sun’s rays in the summer months. The result is a dynamic system that adapts to seasonal changes, optimizing interior climate control with unprecedented efficiency.

What sets PScoat apart is its ability to seamlessly replace traditional thermal insulation solutions. By incorporating these advanced materials into a cohesive thermal reflective layer, PScoat achieves superior performance without the need for the bulk associated with conventional insulation methods. This groundbreaking technology not only ensures optimal thermal efficiency but also elevates the overall sustainability of building insulation.

In essence, PScoat transcends the limitations of conventional insulation by introducing a transformative approach to building protection. Experience the future of energy-efficient and climate-responsive solutions with PScoat—where innovation meets performance to redefine the benchmarks of modern construction.

Where can be used?

PSCoat stands out as a versatile solution that can be applied to various building surfaces, such as mineral plasters, acrylic plasters, styrofoam, or directly on bricks. Importantly, it not only serves the crucial function of insulation but also preserves the unaltered aesthetics of the original building.

When applied to mineral or acrylic plasters, styrofoam, or bricks, the product seamlessly integrates with the existing architecture, maintaining the authentic character of the building. This unique capability also extends to the preservation of architectural elements and reliefs, making it an excellent choice for insulating historical buildings or balcony walls without introducing visible changes.

Moreover, PSCoat distinguishes itself with its versatility, allowing application in the industrial sector on metals or plastics. It can effectively be used to insulate pipes, valves, or tanks, making it an ideal solution not only for buildings but also for various industrial applications. Its flexibility allows it to be tailored to different needs, providing not only thermal insulation but also surface protection against extreme environmental conditions.

Insulation against external temperatures

WITHOUT PSC APPLICATION: temrperatures outside / inside
WITH PSC APPLICATION: temperatures outside / inside

Insulation against cold

WITHOUT PSC APPLICATION: temperatures outside / inside
WITH PSC APPLICATION: temperatures outside / inside

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